We want to ensure to our loyal customers that we take the Corona Covid-19 virus very seriously. All of our technicians and staff have been screened and are healthy. As a community we all hold the responsibility to make sure we do not spread this virus and we are doing our part. So if you need any appliance work done please don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away, we are open regular hours Mon-Sun during this crisis. Thank you and God Bless you!
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  Customer Testimonials!

Working with Appliance Repair Houston Area, has taught myself and my family that great contractors still exist in this world. They treat you with respect, exceed your expectations and make you fall in love with their first-class service. You'll never have to search for Appliance help EVER again.

Thank you, Appliance Repair Houston Area!

Jennifer Hicks, Sugarland TX
(serviced 3 times by Appliance Repair Houston Area + Mother and Aunt have been serviced as well.)

My name is Justin, I had Appliance Repair Houston Area service my Kenmore SxS Refrigerator and my Kenmore Front-loading washer back in December. Service was excellent, in late January my refrigerator started acting up again, it seemed to be having the same problem that was serviced. I called in, I was scheduled for the next morning. The same repairman came out to back his warranty. He checked my refrigerator thoroughly and honestly told me that the same part was out. He didn't lie, beat around the bush or try to drain me for more money. He had the exact part stocked on his truck, he went out, got it, came in, changed it out and service was complete. We had our refrigerator up and running again. They keep their word with their warranty. When they say ALL parts and labor covered for a year, they mean it. All I paid was the trip charge. These guys are so awesome. I will forever be a faithful customer to this company, as they have been a faithful service to myself and my family. Appliance Repair Houston Area is definitely the way to go.

Justin J. Riley, Katy TX

Hi, I'm Deborah, I called in to Appliance Repair Houston Area on January 8th, 2010. I was a little broken-hearted if you would say before I called in. You see, I have a very old microwave (Omni5) that not too many people have heard of, let-alone service companies service. After calling about 15 different places, I found Jeana at Same Day Appliance Repair Houston and let me tell you, the passion these people have for helping their customers, is incredible. She took my information, name , address, phone#, make and model of my appliance and what was wrong with it. She diagnosed my problem over-the phone to eliminate a service fee and told me she'll do the best she could to have my needs taken care of. and that she did. It must have been a miracle or these guys just might be magic. I received a call the exact same day, with a response. They found some generic parts for my microwave oven as the original parts had been discontinued some 13years earlier. They ordered them next day air, called me when they came in and got me scheduled. When the repairman came, he was on time, very clean and well mannered, he did his job very carefully and got my Omni 5 fixed right up!. The accuracy and knowledge of these people is so definite. I love you Appliance Repair Houston Area!

Thank you for all your help, I am very grateful.

Deborah Gagganeau, Mid-Town

You guys rock! Thanks for all of your help.

Shamira & Kevin Jones, Katy TX
(Serviced twice)

Okay, so they might not ALWAYS have a spot for you the "same day", but believe me. They're worth the wait. and its understandable that great service is in demand and they fill up spots quick I'm sure. So, here's my story... I had a guy come out from another company to check my garbage disposal and he came up with a quote of $389.72 (to be exact)lol..to change out my disposal. anyway. I didn't except his quote of course and I continued my search for a repair company. That's when I found these guys. I called in and explained my problem I was experiencing. They set me up for the next day. The technician came out, checked my garbage disposal and basically told me that the last guy lied to me. My freakin drain was clogged. That's it! He was so up front and honest. He got it unclogged within the matter of seconds, and only charged my the trip charge. (I gave him a $20 tip) I was just too happy with this service company. So total for getting my problem fixed: $49.95 trip charge + $20 tip = $69.95. That's like 5 or 6 times LESS than what that other company was trying to STEAL from me. Oswaldo was my technician. I just want to say. dude, your AWESOME! Thanks guys. You have my business anytime I have an appliance problem.

Jack Hennley, Cypress TX

My name is Sandra and I woke up this morning to my refrigerator not freezing. I was very disappointed and concerned because we had just bought groceries last night.. I hurried on calling a repairman to come and fix my fridge. I found a company who seemed good after seeing their website 'Refrigerator Repair Authorized Service' , they sent out a technician who seemed knowlageable on fixing refrigerators. He told me that my compressor was out and it would be $3,200 to fix it. (I have a Sub-Zero refrigerator, we paid about $12,000 for some years ago..) Well, I told him it was too much, paid him his service charge and he left.. I put all of our food in coolers with ice and went on to work.

On my way there, I kind of figured that, for what we bought the fridge for, the quote we were given might actually be right. Getting to work, I was talking to a co-worker of mine about my fridge and what I was quoted.. She told me about 'Same Day Appliance Repair Houston' and how she used them for her refrigerator.. I was a little scared to call another company after being quoted so much, I didn't know what to expect. I called anyway and I am soo glad I did.

I spoke with a girl there, Jeana (who by the way has the cutest little country accent) I told her that I had a repairman out from another company and I was told that my compressor was out. (I did not tell her what I was quoted, I just said that I was cheking prices and wanted to know what they charged.) She told me she could surely give me a quote with the make and model number of my refrigerator, so I went back home to get it. I called her back with it and she had a quote for me in about 5 minutes! $1,785, parts, labor and 1 year of warranty covering each. She explained to me that if I accepted this quote, a technician from their company would come out with a compressor, check my fridge before changing it out, just to insure that the compressor was out and if it wasn't, I would not be held to the price quote I was given over the phone.

I thought that was great, I accepted and he was out in an hour. He came out, checked it and determined that it in fact was NOT the compressor, it was just a relay that is connected to the compressor. He quoted me $482.97, ofcourse I accepted, he fixed my refrigerator in a matter of minutes and saved me money and all of my food! Now, I had already accepted a quote of almost $1,800 and this guy had the compressor in his hands, ready to change it out. He could've told me that the other repairman was right and changed out the compressor, (he said it's standard to change the relay when changing a compressor), I wouldn't have known the difference but instead he chose to be honest.

These people are amazing, I am truely appreciative of your knowlage and honesty.. I tipped my repairman $50 for being such an honest person. Wow, and to think, I was really thinking to call that other place back and accept that $3,200 quote.. Thank you, Appliance Repair Houston Area! You saved my day and my wallet! I will definately pass on the word!

Sandra Smith, Houston TX
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